09 April 2020 | News,

SPF Blog on Le Temps | „Local generosity on the rise thanks to Covid-19“ by Camille Andres

Donations and generosity are exploding in this Covid-19 period. With one particularity: they „relocate“, stimulating local communities. The university hospitals of Lausanne and Geneva are overwhelmed by donations. In such a consequent way that it was necessary to create a mutual aid fund to structure the reception of all the marks of generosity. Voluntary technological initiatives are also emerging to help local businesses as well as self-help groups for vulnerable people.

In Switzerland, for the first time, we fear for our basic needs: eating, staying healthy and safe. What if one had to feel one’s own vulnerability in order to need – or want – to turn to others? Is it this sudden withdrawal into ourselves that forces us to open our eyes to what surrounds us, renewing our altruism? Are we forging new bonds?

Discover Camille Andres’s article on the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s blog „Il donne, tu donnes, je donne“ hosted by Le Temps (in French)