12 Mai 2022 | News,

Blog SPF on the platform Le Temps | ” Collaboration and philanthropy or the virtues of playing in the zone “, by Martial Paris

In a new article on our blog hosted by Le Temps, Martial Paris, Managing Partner of WISE – philanthropy advisors, makes a clever comparison between the “zone game” in sports and collaboration in philanthropy. He presents the three levels of collaboration in philanthropy that he observes on a daily basis as a philanthropy advisor, as […]

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21 April 2022 | News,

Closure of the Education and Employment Thematic Fund project with the 1951 Association

The thematic fund Education and Employment, hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, supported the project entitled “Sustainable integration of refugees in Switzerland”, led by the Association 1951, for 3 years. This project, which ended in March 2022, was selected and monitored by WISE – philanthropy advisors and co-financed by the Cantonal Office for the Integration of […]

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07 April 2022 | News,

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation welcomes two new staff members

This first quarter of 2022, the Foundation has welcomed two new members to its team: Constance Chaix joins us as Communications Officer, and Marion Aberlé takes on the temporary position of Administrative Coordinator, supporting the Administrative and Financial Director. The Foundation is delighted with these new arrivals. The reinforcement of the team allows us to […]

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31 März 2022 | News,

Verbier Festival Philanthropy Forum 2022 : program announcement

In, 2021 this debate explored ways in which the power of philanthropy can be harnessed for the planet. For the 2022 edition, the discussion centres on ‘How can philanthropy be more impactful in an age of disruption?’. The event will take place on Saturday July 23, from 3 to 4:30 pm at the Verbier Cinema. […]

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24 März 2022 | News,

SPF blog on the Le Temps platform | “Ukraine: the importance of networking for a human-scale impact”, by Marc Salzmann (in French only)

Marc Salzmann, an employee of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, took the personal initiative to go to the border between Ukraine and Poland to help 8 Ukrainian refugees to join host families in Switzerland. In an article on our blog hosted by Le Temps, he recounts his personal journey and his thoughts on the outpouring of generosity […]

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21 März 2022 | News,

We are looking for our next Young Talent

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors are seeking a Junior Project Coordinator for their “Programme Jeune Talent”. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors have partnered to create the “Programme Jeune Talent (PJT)” to offer young graduates with little or no professional experience an opportunity to acquire professional skills and develop their knowledge of […]

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