17 Mai 2023 | News,

Visit of the association Camarada

In order to better understand the themes supported by some of our hosted funds, including our thematic funds, we periodically participate in visits to organizations. Last week, at the invitation of WISE – philanthropy advisors, members of our team visited the premises of the Camarada association in Carouge. This association, which has been active for […]

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04 Mai 2023 | News,

Transnational Giving Europe – Spring Steering Committee in Brussels

The partners of the Transnational Giving Europe network met last week in Brussels for the Spring Steering Committee, one of the two annual steering meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to exchange with our European colleagues, review the network’s activities and set development goals for the year. Here are some significant data that emerged from […]

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11 April 2023 | News,

The Ensemble et Maintenant initiative launches its call for projects!

A few months after the launch of the innovative collaborative initiative „Ensemble et maintenant“, hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the first call for projects is open. The first of its kind in Switzerland, this collaborative initiative was launched by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation together with three other foundations. It allows young people from all walks of […]

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03 April 2023 | News,

Nous recrutons notre prochain-e Jeune Talent 2023-2024 !

Pour la troisième année consécutive, WISE – philanthropy advisors et Swiss Philanthropy Foundation recherchent leur prochain-e Jeune Talent ! Les métiers de la philanthropie vous intriguent et vous souhaitez évoluer au sein d’une équipe de passioné-e-s ? Vous souhaitez aligner votre parcours professionnel à vos intérêts personnels ? Swiss Philanthropy Foundation et WISE philanthropy advisors se sont associés pour créer le Programme Jeune […]

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30 März 2023 | News,

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation on tour in the US

During a week-long trip to the United States, Sabrina Grassi, Director General, and Marc Salzmann, Partnership Manager at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, met with some 15 public benefit organizations, including donor-advised funds and fiscal sponsors of philanthropic initiatives in New York City and Washington D. C. They also met with universities to support the philanthropy of […]

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21 März 2023 | News,

Steering commitee of the Early Childhood Regional Networks fund

Pauline Joiris, Project Administrator at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, went to Venice for the Steering Committee meeting of the Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund. This collaborative fund is hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and gathers international donor foundations such as Porticus, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundation, and The Human Safety Net. They join their forces to […]

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09 März 2023 | News,

Swiss umbrella foundations workshop

The Swiss umbrella foundations gathered for their 14th annual workshop. Sabrina Grassi, Director general of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, took part in the event. The theme of the workshop was „Looking Abroad“, and the presentations by Tonika Hirdman of the Fondation de Luxembourg, Sabine de Soyres of the Fondation de France and Sabrina Scherbarth of the […]

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02 März 2023 | News,

Fast 37 Millionen CHF vergeben: Das Jahr 2022 der Stiftung in Zahlen

Das Jahr 2022 stand im Zeichen des Endes der Notsituation im Zusammenhang mit der weltweiten COVID-19-Pandemie. Doch ob der Krieg in der Ukraine, die alarmierenden Anzeichen des Klimawandels oder das jüngste Erdbeben in der Türkei – unsere Welt ist weiterhin von zahlreichen Krisen betroffen, und die Grosszügigkeit der Spenderinnen und Spender zeigt sich immer wieder. […]

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28 Februar 2023 | News,

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation expands its offices

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our offices, with new premises being added to our existing offices at Place de Cornavin 2 in Geneva, in the same building. This expansion is part of a growth phase for the Foundation and will allow our current and future staff to continue to work in the […]

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27 Februar 2023 | News,

Two new staff members join the Foundation

In the context of maternity leave replacements, we are pleased to welcome two new staff members to our team for a fixed period of 8 months. Catherine Leclercq joined us in December 2022 as Administrative Coordinator in support of the Administrative and Financial Director ad interim. She has 20 years of experience in the banking […]

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