28 Mai 2020 | News,

Philanthropy Forum Capsule – Kenneth Roth, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

Are we generous ? Giving time and money plays an important role in our lives, no matter the reason or the amount we give. There is no doubt that empathy and generosity go hand in hand with philanthropy regardless of the number of pennies involved. So, what should we give? And how much? Kenneth Roth, […]

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26 Mai 2020 | News,

Fonds d’aide rapide | Impact : Témoignage d’une organisation bénéficiaire, INSAN, Liban

Le Fonds d’aide rapide COVID-19, créé par Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, vient en aide aux ONG dont les activités sont impactées par la pandémie. Grâce à la forte mobilisation de donateurs et d’un mécanisme de « matching-funds » par SPF, un fonds de CHF 500’000.- a été réuni en un temps record, permettant de soutenir des […]

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25 Mai 2020 | News,

Inaugural Impact report for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization

The first impact report for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization has been released. It covers the period between the Fund’s launch on March 13 to May 1, 2020 and provides updates on the early use of the Fund’s resources, as well as details about WHO’s and its partners’ efforts to […]

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13 Mai 2020 | News, Presse,

Heidi.news | Point du jour by Etienne Eichenberger

Etienne Eichenberger is the guest of Heidi.news “Point du jour”, dedicated today to philanthropy. This episode revealed incredible outbursts of generosity and simple gestures of solidarity, revealing the best of ourselves. We invite you to discover it online. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation thanks Heidi.news for this opportunity to remind the importance and the role of philanthropy […]

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11 Mai 2020 | News, Presse,

SPF Blog on Le Temps | “Support the angels share”

Martial Paris, managing partner at WISE – philanthropy advisors, is a guest of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s blog on the Temps platform. It reflects the realities experienced by NGOs on the ground and the challenges encountered in carrying out their missions with the poorest in these times of pandemic. He urges donors to be flexible and […]

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01 Mai 2020 | News,

Radio LAC | Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

Discover the interview of Etienne Eichenberger in Radio LAC aired on May 1st, 2020. The opportunity to talk about the collaboration of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Foundation, in the fight against Covid-19, thanks to the donations collected in favour of the Covid19 Solidarity Response Fund. […]

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