The Donor Advised Fund solution seemed more contemporary and more effective to us. It allows us to focus on our philanthropic strategy and leave administrative management to experts. The ease and speed with which a Fund can be launched was also a strong argument for us. Finally, the idea of collaborating in the field of philanthropy, aiming to maximize our impact through leverage, appealed to us; our first financial commitment took the form of co-financing with another Fund hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

Sophie Pelka On behalf of the Pelka and Lindt families, founders of the GIFT Fund

This notion of sheltered funds is what was still missing from the balance of my end-of-life concept. As long as I stay alive, I can do whatever I want with the capital. I can give personalized directives which will be respected by the management of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. I found the right path with the right idea. When you directly find the partner that suits you, you shouldn’t hesitate!

Jean-Michel Bonjour Retiree and donor

Through my diverse experiences in the areas of gender equality, good governance, and political and electoral reform, I have seen that collaboration in philanthropy can be a powerful force in tackling to the most important issues we face and to foster the collaboration needed on the ground. I continue to apply this teaching at the Open Society Foundations, where we regularly partner with other foundations to take collective action, such as the donor collaboration for regional early childhood networks ( Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund), hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

Ayisha Osori Director, Office of the Executive Vice President, Open Society Foundations

I support two organizations in France through Transnational Giving Europe. I donate primarily to the Association pour le Rayonnement de l ‘Opéra de Paris (AROP). I have made a three-year pledge to AROP to fund initiatives that aim to improve the health and working conditions of dancers at the Paris Opera. For example, I helped pay for an on-site psychoanalyst, the purchase of new gym equipment, and a new floor in one of the practice rooms to prevent injuries. Through TGE, I also give to the What Can Dance Do Project, which brings dancers to perform in hospitals. I chose TGE because I needed a way to give abroad while living in Switzerland. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation offers an excellent service through the TGE network. I can rely on the fact that my donations go directly to the projects I have chosen.”

Laurent Colombo Donor via the Transnational Giving Europe Network

Our mission is to keep vulnerable families in Bulgaria together. We want a Bulgarian society where children grow up in families and have the support they need to thrive. At present, around 2,000 children enter the care system every year in Bulgaria. We also support advocacy at the European level to influence how EU funding is prioritized and invested in Bulgaria to ensure children can grow up and thrive in families. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation allows us to stay focused on our mission by providing administrative, financial, and human resource support.

Delia Pop Director, Tanya’s Dream Fund

We have extensive experience in implementation but managing grants to other organizations is something new for us. We were looking for a partner with the right expertise to make our proposal to the Botnar Foundation stronger. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been an excellent partner; they provide an efficient, reliable solution, which allows us to focus on the content, strategy, and operational management of the programme.

Lorena Zemp Global Program Manager, Safe and Sound Cities (S²Cities) Program, Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) foundation

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation allows philanthropists to benefit from the structure that you have, the very professional way of managing funds, and the due diligence that you do on grantees. If each of the donor wanted to do that work themselves, it would be hugely time-consuming and with a different level of quality. At Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, you have a great way of making things effective and easy from our side. The donors can be very different, but your system makes it easy for us to manage that. This is really a great advantage for organizations like ours.

Beatrice Fihn Former Director, International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

We had been supporting families in need for many years on a modest scale, when a change in our personal circumstances made it possible for us to do so on a much larger scale. We looked into the process of creating a foundation, but, in the end, we decided a personal philanthropic fund was the best option for us from an administrative, legal, and cost standpoint. We chose to set up a fund with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Our objective is to help disadvantaged families for a minimum of two years. We communicate regularly with the non-profit organizations we support. We are active in Switzerland, Italy, Somalia, Cambodia, and Tanzania

Angela and Guido Magni philanthropists

Wir sind der United Nations Foundation und der Swiss Philanthropy Foundation sehr dankbar, dass sie mit uns zusammengearbeitet haben, um diesen Fonds einzurichten. Viele Menschen und Institutionen haben den Wunsch geäußert, zur Bekämpfung des neuartigen Coronavirus beizutragen. Es ist jetzt möglich.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Generaldirektor, Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO)

Die Swiss Philanthropy Foundation bietet eine beispiellose rechtliche und administrative Struktur für einen geschützten Fonds wie unseren. Die Vorteile sind vielfältig. Neben den reduzierten Kosten wird der entmutigende Teil unserer Aktivitäten erledigt, sodass wir uns auf das alleinige Vergnügen des Gebens konzentrieren können.

Rachel Boubet Mitglied des Lenkungsausschusses, Fonds Agro Companies for Africa

Das Gebiet der Philanthropie nimmt ein Interesse an dem Gebiet an. Ich habe mich daher an die Swiss Philanthropy Foundation gewandt, um unsere akademische Perspektive mit ihrer praktischen Perspektive zu verbinden. Diese Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der Master Class im Stiftungsmanagement hat uns viel gebracht. Es bietet uns wertvolle Kontakte in der Community, bereichert uns mit hervorragenden Reflexionen und ermöglicht es uns, die Relevanz unserer Ansätze zu überprüfen.

Professor Henry Peter Direktor, Zentrum für Philanthropie der Universität Genf

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation ist eine unschätzbare Ressource für Menschen, die mehr als nur einen Scheck an eine etablierte Organisation schreiben möchten, sich aber nicht die Mühe machen möchten, eine eigene Stiftung zu gründen. Die Stiftung ermöglicht es ihnen dank ihres Fachwissens und Netzwerks, ihre Ziele mit vollem Vertrauen zu erreichen. Es bietet auch einen steuerlichen Vorteil.

Frédéric Vuilleumier Rechtsanwalt, qualifizierter Steuerexperte, Oberson Abels SA