As owners of a family-run business in the luxury industry, of which I am CEO, my family and I decided to focus on disadvantaged women, especially in Africa. We had limited time to devote to this project, so we decided to create a fund with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the Fonds Adler pour les femmes. This enabled us to quickly transform our charitable intentions into an effective and professionally run project.

Allen Adler Fonds Adler pour les femmes, Geneva

My siblings and I were still in our teens when our parents encouraged us to start giving charitably. At the time, we didn’t have a family foundation. The personal philanthropic fund solutions offered the flexibility and discretion we need to start our philanthropy at a young age, with help and advice from Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE. Their support enabled us to developing a new dimension to our family’s wealth.

Sara Ojjeh Ojjeh Family Fund, Geneva

As bankers, we were looking for a simple and efficient way of making a long-term impact through our philanthropy. In 2010, when we first started working with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, few people had heard of personal philanthropic funds. We have collaborated with SPF on several projects since, which has enabled us to act quickly and effectively to improve the lives of vulnerable people and achieved results far beyond what we expected when we first started.

Francesco D’Amico Quilvest, Zürich

We had the case of an estate with no heirs in which the legatee left clear instructions regarding its intended use and specified that it should be entirely distributed within 10 years. There were two options: either establish a private foundation or set up a personal philanthropic fund with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. We opted for the latter: it was a sound solution from both a legal and ethical point of view and enabled us to respect the legatee’s wishes while meeting the needs of the beneficiary organisation.

Félix Bollmann Geneva

Collaboration among grant making foundations is one of the most effective ways for philanthropy to bring about transformative social change.  While vitally important collaboration can also be a challenge.  In Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Partners for a New Economy has found the vehicle and expertise to help our four family foundations jointly engage in strategy development and grant making.

Leslie Harroun Partners for a New Economy, Gland