Philanthropic funds

Thematic funds enable you to join forces with other philanthropists and benefit from professional project management at a much lower cost, while gaining experience and learning about the chosen theme.

The Foundation Board is responsible for allocating the funds’ assets through grants to rigorously selected, high-quality projects.

Moreover, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation believes that monitoring the outcome and impact of each project is essential to determining the value added by the fund.

If you decide to contribute to a thematic fund, Swiss Philanthropy will keep you regularly updated on the projects supported through its grants. We are also available to discuss how you can become more personally involved.

Education and Employment for disadvantaged youth

Created in 2015, this fund aims to support education and employment for youth worldwide. It currently supports projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Social Impact

Created in 2013, our Social Impact fund aims to improve living conditions for underprivileged people and communities. It supports projects worldwide with a special focus on Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Promoting philanthropy

Created in 2012, this fund aims to encourage involvement in philanthropy through a range of activities, including events and conferences for philanthropists, to develop knowledge and skills in the professional field of philanthropy.
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Created in 2009, our Health fund supports medical and scientific research, as well as projects that aim to improve the health of vulnerable people worldwide.