Philanthropic funds

Are you new to philanthropy and looking to learn?

Are you already active in philanthropy and looking to diversify your support?

Do you want to maximize the impact of your donations by pooling resources?

With Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, joining a Thematic fund allows you to join forces with other philanthropists, benefit from professional project management at a lower cost, multiply experiences, and develop your knowledge on the chosen theme.

The board of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is tasked with allocating the resources of these funds to projects that address the needs of the local community. These projects are rigorously selected, planned, and monitored by the philanthropy experts at WISE Philanthropy Advisors.

Thanks to this professional expertise, Thematic funds ensure maximum impact for beneficiaries. The pooling of financial resources through co-financing allows donors to maximize the reach of their donations.

By contributing to Thematic funds, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation ensures you regularly receive concrete results from the supported projects. You will receive in-depth narrative and financial reports twice a year on the project’s progress. Upon request, you can establish direct contact via videoconference with the organization leading the project.

You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded philanthropists and enrich your perspectives.

Discover our 4 Thematic funds

As part of its mission to promote philanthropy, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been hosting Thematic funds since its inception. There are currently four of these funds.

Education and Employment for disadvantaged youth

Created in 2015, this fund aims to promote youth education and employment worldwide. It currently supports projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. For example, one of the supported projects from 2019 to 2022 enabled 144 refugees to access employment in Switzerland.

Social Impact

Created in 2013, the social impact fund aims to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged individuals and communities. Active globally, it focuses its interventions in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. For example, the most recent project provided nutritional and educational support to underprivileged children in Colombia.


Created in 2009, this fund aims to support medical and scientific research, as well as projects aimed at improving the health of vulnerable populations worldwide. For example, a supported project until 2021 improved sexual and reproductive health, as well as maternal and child health for over 20,000 women and children in Uganda.


Launched in 2024, the Footprint fund aims to protect endangered animal species by involving local communities to preserve biodiversity and promote harmonious coexistence. The project launched this year in Switzerland aims to safeguard and preserve the diversity of local livestock breeds.

How to contribute to the funding of a Thematic fund?

You can contribute to the funding of a Thematic fund project with a minimum individual contribution of CHF 100,000. This amount represents the donation directly attributed to the beneficiary organization. In addition to this contribution, there are the expertise fees of WISE Philanthropy Advisors and the administrative fees of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, which are pooled among all philanthropists participating in the co-financing. This is one of the advantages of engaging collectively.

Additionally, Thematic funds can also be funded through a philanthropic legacy, offering the opportunity to create a positive impact after you are gone.

Discover our brochure on thematic funds