Philanthropic funds

Set up a personal philanthropic fund with an initial starting capital or through an annual contribution.

Your fund is an independent entity within the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and can be named according to your wishes. Without the burden of running a foundation, you can focus your efforts on achieving your goals and become personally involved in projects you care about, with the help of your family if you wish.

Personal philanthropic funds are managed by a steering committee that includes the founder(s) or their representative and at least one member representing the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. It can take as little as a few weeks to set up a personal philanthropic fund depending on your availability and how quickly you want to start making grants.

The fund’s assets are held in a segregated account, which is kept completely separate from the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s other assets. Founders can suggest a preferred custodian bank, account manager, and main coordinator. As an independent hosting foundation with no connection to any bank, we give you the freedom to choose the service partners you want to work with, in agreement with us.

Collaborative funds are a way for philanthropists – including established foundations – to pool their ideas, resources and donations in order to increase the impact of a given project.

These funds facilitate strategic philanthropy by providing a professionally managed structure for philanthropists to leverage proven solutions, coordinate similar initiatives and develop new partnerships.

Setting up a fund in 5 easy steps

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