Philanthropic funds

Donor advised funds deliver the simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility that donors are seeking and allow them to focus exclusively on supporting the causes they care about, with none of the hassle of setting up and running a foundation. Creating your Donor advised fund could be the first step to realizing your philanthropic ambitions.The Donor advised fund allows you to carry out your philanthropic project while freeing you from the administrative burden. You choose the causes, regions, organizations to support as well as the amounts to distribute, as long as the criteria of public utility and the purpose of the fund are respected. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation takes care of all the necessary checks, administrative, accounting and project monitoring aspects while you focus on your philanthropy.

You choose the name and purpose of your Donor advised fund and sit on a Steering Committee. You can include members of your family or entourage, as well as guest members if you wish. A member of the Foundation team will participate in the Steering Committee to support you. Regarding the financing of your fund, you can provide it with a regular annual contribution or with initial capital.Depending on your availability and desire to move forward quickly, a Donor advised fund can be created in a few weeks.

From an accounting point of view, the Donor advised fund is deposited in a bank account segregated from the other assets of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. In the case of capital endowment, you can tell us your investment criteria and the desired banking establishment/manager.

A Donor advised fund can also become a circle of donors from the founder’s entourage, making it possible to give more to the chosen cause and optimize the expected impact.

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