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In order to promote philanthropy in Europe and to facilitate cross-border donations, several leading European foundations founded the “Transnational Giving Europe” (TGE) network in 1998. Today, the TGE network is composed of 19 member countries.

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been the official representative of the TGE network for Switzerland since 2008, with the aim of placing its action within a dynamic European framework and promoting more accessible philanthropy. As such, the Foundation offers its services to donors domiciled in Switzerland who wish to make a donation in Europe, as well as to charitable organizations based in Switzerland wishing to receive donations from Europe.

List and contact information for TGE network representatives by country

New ! Online Giving : Donations made through the TGE network can now also be made through an online giving platform. Thanks to this easy-to-use digital solution, individuals and companies can make donations to the causes and organizations of their choice in Europe in a simple, agile and fast way, while benefiting from tax advantages in their country of residence, within a secure framework.

I am a donor living in Switzerland and I would like to make a donation in Europe…

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It is also possible to support directly some registered organizations through the dedicated online giving platform.

For a donation to be tax-exempt, it must be disinterested and irrevocably earmarked, as defined in art. 56, let. g LIFD. As donations are irrevocable, they cannot be returned to the donor. These conditions apply to all donations made to the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation via a hosted fund, including the Transnational Giving Europe fund for cross-border donations.

I am a donor living in Switzerland and would like to make a donation in a country outside Europe or which is not on the list of TGE’s partner countries…

Our general donation fund is an alternative solution to facilitate donations from Swiss-based donors abroad in a secure environment.

We also have an American Friends Fund in the U.S. and are a 501c3 registered organization in order to receive tax-deductible donations from U.S.-based donors.

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I represent a charitable organization based in Switzerland and I want to receive donations from Europe…

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You also have the possibility to register your organization on the online giving platform set up by the TGE to facilitate cross-border donations.

Here are a few examples of organizations using the network in Switzerland:

List of all the public benefit organizations already registered in Switzerland.

Practical information and useful documents

TGE Presentation

Practical Guide to cross-border donations


News from the TGE network

Key figures of the network in 2022

Key figures for TGE in Switzerland in 2022

Testimony of a TGE donor

“Through the Transnational Giving Europe network, I support two projects in France. Most of my donations go to the Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Opéra de Paris (AROP). Through this association, I have committed to supporting various projects over a period of three years to improve the working conditions and health of dancers at the Paris Opera. Through the TGE network, I also support the “What Dance Can Do?” project, which brings dancers into hospitals. I chose the TGE network because I was looking for a way to give abroad from Switzerland. The follow-up provided by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation through this network is very good and responsive. I have the assurance that the donations I make are properly allocated to the projects I have chosen.”

– Laurent Colombo, Donor based in Switzerland and benefiting from the Transational Giving Europe network