Philanthropic funds

What is a donor collaborative?

The donor collaborative operates on the same model as the donor advised fund, with the difference that the endowment of the initiative is made by several donor foundations that collaborate for the same cause and sit together on the steering committee. By entrusting the administrative management of the initiative to Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, this solution allows the entities that join forces and capital to pool costs and simplify their administrative processes. This allows them to create leverage and have a greater impact to support systemic change in various fields.

What is fiscal sponsorship?

By providing fiscal sponsorship to philanthropic initiatives, we offer grant, financial and human resources management, and a whole range of administrative services to help build the capacity of these initiatives.

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Our hosted donor collaboratives

Partners for a New Economy
Partners for a New Economy is an international collaboration of donor foundations that seeks to transform the economic system so that it generates positive environmental and social impacts.
The fund was established in 2015 by the MAVA, Oak, Marisla and KR foundations. The Laudes and Ford foundations joined P4NE in 2021, Omidyar Network in 2022, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2023. To date, the Fund has supported nearly 50 organizations and is hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

Tanya’s Dream

Tanya’s Dream Fund strives to create conditions for individuals and organizations to realize a shared vision of a Bulgarian society where children grow up in families, not institutions, and receive the support they need to thrive.
The fund is a special initiative created in 2019 for a period of 10 years that grants donations in memory of Tanya Kovacheva. It was created by the Oak Foundation and is hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.


Early Childhood Regional Networks
The Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund aims to support early childhood development by strengthening regional networks.
It was established in 2021 by Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations and Porticus. The Human Safety Net and The Two Lillies Fund are in the process of co-funding it. It is hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.


The S²Cities (Safe and Sound Cities Programme) aims to improve the safety and well-being of young people in urban environments.
The program is an initiative created in 2021 and led by Global Infrastrucure Basel, supported by the Botnar Foundation and hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, which administers and distributes the donations.


Swiss Philanthropy Foundation hosts a donor collaborative that calls on young people to get involved. Four donors are joining forces to enable ten young people to become philanthropists and work towards a better world. The only one of its kind in Switzerland, this innovative fund will allow young people from different backgrounds and horizons to select projects carried out by and for young people. The team formed will be accompanied by experts from WISE – philanthropy advisors, to define the criteria that will allow the selection of projects to be supported. “We share our intention to be part of a group that can carry our thoughts and our desire to help. It is a common desire to have a new priority in our lives.” (Young participant to Demaimpact)

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