11 October 2021 | News,

Sustainable Finance: Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s presence at the Alternative Bank Switzerland’s Webinar and at the 12th edition of the GFSI

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation participated in the webinar “Investing while creating impact”, organized by the Alternative Bank Switzerland on September 22nd, 2021. With impact as its central theme, the event was an opportunity to discuss how to generate impact through donations, but also through responsible financial investment and how foundations can align their investments with their […]

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04 October 2021 | News,

Young Talent Program: Arrival of Lucie Gillioz at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors jointly launched the Young Talent Program in September 2021. This 9-month immersion is aimed at young graduates who wish to discover the philanthropy sector, giving the opportunity to acquire different professional skills in the fields of project management, administrative grantmaking monitoring or communication. Lucie Gillioz is the first […]

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01 October 2021 | News,

Intervention of Sabrina Grassi on the occasion of the “Biennale Filantropia Strategica”

On September 30th, 2021, the first edition of the “Biennale Filantropia Strategica” took place in Lugano. This conference, organized by the Center of Competence for the Non-Profit Sector of the Italian-speaking Switzerland (CENPRO), showed the will of the Authorities and the private philanthropic actors to develop and professionalize philanthropy in the Italian-speaking Switzerland. Indeed, the […]

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08 September 2021 | News,

Master Class 2021 : New success of the 9th edition of the intensive course in philanthropy in the French-speaking Switzerland.

Organized by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation in partnership with the Center for Philanthropy Studies of Basel (CEPS), in association for the first time with the Centre in philanthropy of Geneva University (UNIGE), the Master Class in philanthropy took place from 1st to 3rd September 2021 at Château de Bossey (VD). The 2021 edition brought together 25 […]

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31 August 2021 | News,

Sabrina Grassi to speak at the «Biennale della Filantropia Strategica»

The first edition of the “Biennale della Filantropia Strategica”, an initiative of CENPRO, the centre of excellence for nonprofits in Italian-speaking Switzerland, will be held on September 30th,  2021 in Lugano, with the aim to promote philanthropy in the Italian-speaking Switzerland. This will be their first conference open to the public and bilingual, dedicated exclusively […]

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15 July 2021 | News,

Philanthropy: A Solution to Environmental Problems

The COVID-19 crisis has reminded the world of the immediate impact that environmental issues have on our lives. The need for sustainable development has never been clearer. Thus, a key question emerges: What is the charitable sector doing to prepare for this ongoing shift? In a new article for The Philanthropist, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation Chairman […]

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