Become a philanthropist

Philanthropy is becoming increasingly professionalised. Running a private foundation means spending considerable time on administration, accounting and reporting, not to mention monitoring how grants are used. Founders and their advisors often underestimate these requirements.

Facilitate your philanthropy by opting for a donor advised fund with the following advantages :


Thanks to the Foundation’s large goals, you can support a wide range of projects, while benefiting from a flexible operational management with respect to the organization of your fund.

Low cost

Running costs are shared among the various funds hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.


  • Better understanding by actors and stakeholders of the issues related to effective and efficient philanthropy,
  • Increased capacity for donors to act for causes of general interest,
  • Sustainable, measurable and significant impact on the organizations supported and their beneficiaries.


Board members contribute a range of relevant expertise and skills in the area of philanthropy. The Foundation is also a partner of Transnational Giving Europe and serves the same purpose in Switzerland as Fondation de France in France, Fondation Roi Baudouin in Belgium, and Charities Aid Foundation in the United Kingdom.

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