Become a philanthropist

Personal Philanthropic Fund

Set up a Personal Philanthropic Fund with an initial starting capital or through an annual contribution.

Your fund is an independent entity within the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and can be named according to your wishes. Without the burden of running a foundation, you can focus your efforts on achieving your goals and become personally involved in projects you care about, with the help of your family if you wish.

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Thematic philanthropic funds

Participate in one of the thematic funds managed by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation Board.

Thematic funds enable you to join forces with other philanthropists and benefit from professional project management at a much lower cost, while gaining experience and learning about the chosen theme.

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European Cross-border Donations Fund

Support projects across Europe as easily as when donating in your country of residence.

Transnational Giving Europe is a network of accredited foundations in 20 European countries, which aims to support the development of philanthropy and facilitate cross-border giving.

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