Philanthropic funds

Structuring and planning a legacy in your will with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation allows you to designate during your lifetime

  • causes
  • regions
  • themes
  • populations
  • personalized projects

as future beneficiaries of part or all of your estate.

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Your philanthropic legacy in 3 steps

  1. With us, we take the time to discuss your wishes and define the option or project that will guarantee a specific and lasting impact for your legacy.
    • Your bequest may result in the creation of a philanthropic fund in your name or that of a loved one that will be activated on specific causes at the time of the execution of the will or it may be allocated to one or more of the Foundation’s thematic funds corresponding to your criteria.
  1. An appointment with your notary to record your wishes in a will.
    • A philanthropic commitment that does not bind you during your lifetime but clarifies your intentions as closely as possible to your desires and values. And it can be revoked at any time if you change your mind.
  1. Upon your passing, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation distributes your legacy according to the wishes stated in your letter of intent.

5 major advantages of choosing SPF as your legacy beneficiary

  1. An embodied vocation. Our motivation is to support philanthropic initiatives that create impact. We pay close attention to good governance and the use of the funds we manage and distribute. Our reputation, acquired through over 16 years of experience, speaks for itself.
  2. Distribution of your funds according to your wishes. By choosing Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, you can choose the causes, regions, themes, populations to support and/or develop a personalized project. Everything is taken care of during your lifetime to allow for easy execution when the time comes, since all administrative, accounting and follow-up aspects of the projects are handled by the Foundation.
  3. A sharp and independent eye. Our total independence from any public, private or banking institution – is a guarantee that the use of funds will be as close as possible to your wishes. To provide appropriate responses and ensure the quality of its solutions, the Foundation surrounds itself with an ecosystem of trusted partners.
  4. We make it simple. Allocating donations over time and space to meet your aspirations and the needs of society is a complex art that we have mastered. And we pride ourselves on making it all transparent and accessible.
  5. Fiscally, the best solution. Bequests – financial, real estate, art, copyrights, … – from testators domiciled in Switzerland to foundations like Swiss Philanthropy Foundation are in principle exempt from transfer and inheritance taxes.

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