Our Foundation

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation was established in 2006 as a non-profit hosting foundation to provide philanthropists with a simple, cost-effective way to achieve their charitable objectives.


We offer personalized support to bring philanthropic initiatives to life and help build a better world.


The Foundation is an actor in philanthropy that accompanies and encourages a demanding and committed philanthropy among private and institutional donors, with a purpose of public utility. As a platform for philanthropy, it facilitates initiatives and donations in Switzerland, as well as cross-border donations in Europe and around the world. Through its action, it supports the beneficiary organizations with financial, human and relational means in order to have a better impact on the beneficiaries.



The Foundation is independent of any public or private institution or company. It deals with possible conflicts of interest in a transparent manner and takes its responsibilities in the development of its activities on its assets as well as on the projects it supports or whose support it organizes.


The Foundation is managed according to the highest standards and practices of good governance recognized by the profession, which includes transparency of internal procedures and integrity in decision-making.


The Foundation allows for the quick and easy implementation of the chosen solutions and agility in their implementation.


By listening to the intentions, proposals or wishes of donors, the Foundation is open and proposes adapted and innovative solutions.


The Foundation acts at the heart of a rich and plural ecosystem. She incorporates diversity and inclusion into her action with all those with whom, or for whom, she works and who place their trust in her.


Following several workshops around our values, and in order to bring these values to life on a daily basis at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the members of our team regularly take on the role of “sponsors” for each value. This sponsor is a resource person who is available to discuss a value if necessary. They are also in charge of organizing an activity to promote the value during their mandate or other informal exchange about the value. Finally, they report on practical cases related to our activities.