To ensure a consistently high standard of operational and financial management, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation can counts on its team of highly qualified professionals. With experience in civil society and the private sector, these experts contribute their wide-ranging knowledge and skills, thereby guaranteeing the foundation’s independence towards to donors, beneficiaries and financial institutions. They engage with the Foundation as members of the following organs.

Board of Trustees

The eight members of the Board of Trustees are responsible for the overall supervision of the Foundation’s activities and meet at least four times a year. In late 2014, the Board adopted a Governance Charter that guarantees the transparency and professionalism of the Foundation with regard to the individuals and institutions it works with or serves.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises and assists the Board in its supervisory role on all matters relative to its investment policies, investment processes and asset allocation. It ensures these are in line with the Foundation’s mission and aims, both in terms of the Foundation’s own capital and the funds it manages.

Management Team

A small team is responsible for the day-to-day management of Foundation, ensuring it is run as efficiently as possible. Members of the Board share their expertise with the management team on a daily basis.

Bernard Vischer Bernard Vischer Member
Didier Cherpitel Didier Cherpitel Secretary
Etienne Eichenberger Etienne Eichenberger Chairman
François Marti François Marti Member
Laurent Douek Laurent Douek Member
Maurice Machenbaum Maurice Machenbaum Member
Xavier Isaac Xavier Isaac Treasurer
Anne-Cathrine Frogg Anne-Cathrine Frogg Member
Sabrina Grassi Sabrina Grassi Director of Operations
Jérémie Gilliéron Jérémie Gilliéron Intern
Sonia Perrenoud Sonia Perrenoud Project Manager
Marie Dolla Marie Dolla Project Manager
Brigitte Sion Brigitte Sion Writer/editor