December 2022

Bilan | Contribution by Sabrina Grassi : “Switzerland, global hub for ocean philanthropy

In its new supplement dedicated to philanthropy, the magazine Bilan proposes an article entitled “Switzerland, a global hub for ocean philanthropy”. Sabrina Grassi, General Director of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, explains this phenomenon by two factors: the link between glaciers and lakes and the oceans via rivers, and Switzerland’s international role. “The fact that we don’t […]

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November 2022

BSL Magazine | Contribution of Sabrina Grassi : “Philanthropy : new trends and solutions to facilitate access to philanthropy”

In a new article published in the latest edition of BSL Magazine (Banking in Switzerland and Luxembourg), Sabrina Grassi, General Director of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, gives an overview of current developments in philanthropy. These include changes in donor profiles and in the way philanthropists deploy their commitment and the goals they pursue. Secondly, she explains […]

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October 2022

Alliance Magazine | Contribution of Sabrina Grassi : “Collaboration in philanthropy: three projects that illustrate the latest trends”

Alliance Magazine is an international publication dedicated to philanthropy and social investment. Sabrina Grassi, Director General of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, contributed to the online version of the magazine, “Latest from Alliance”. She writes an article on collaboration in philanthropy and three examples of projects hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation that illustrate the latest trends […]

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September 2021

SPF Blog on “Le Temps” platform | Philanthropy and ‘advocacy’, dangerous liaisons?, Davide Rodogno

“Philanthropy and ‘advocacy’, dangerous liaisons” Davide Rodogno, guest of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation Blog on the “Le Temps” platform, explores this question. “Here is the – political – crux of the problem: when does political activism or lobbying go beyond the accepted (acceptable) perimeter and consequently nullify the privileges – fiscal, for example – of a […]

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May 2021

Special contribution by Sabrina Grassi

The year 2020 was characterised by new challenges and opportunities generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For a better understanding of how an umbrella foundation can provide a quick and agile solution to donors wishing to respond to new emerging needs, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation invites you to read the following article “Swiss foundations’ response to the […]

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May 2021

SPF blog on “Le Temps” plateform | “Culture: What if we valued better the impalpable?”, Câline Yamakawa

“Culture: What if we valued better the impalpable?” Câline Yamakawa, guest of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation Blog on the “Le Temps” platform, explores this question. “We need more, we need elevation of the soul in the intellectual sense, we need solidarity, mutual aid and human warmth.” Inspired both by her daily life as Director of Operations […]

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February 2021

Interview with the President of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Etienne Eichenberger in the 3D ECO programme, Léman bleu

An avalanche of donations, new initiatives, mobilisation of companies, Philanthropy has experienced an unprecedented boom in these recent months. How do you explain this impulse of solidarity? To answer this question, Etienne Eichenberger, President of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, was one of the guests on the last 3D ECO programme broadcasted the 21st of February […]

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December 2020

« Philanthropy comes to the rescue of health », Bilan, 27 november 2020.

In its 2020 edition of the series “The 300 richest in Switzerland”, the magazine Bilan devoted a dossier on philanthropy and the strong mobilization of donors for health, reinforced by the current health emergency context. Etienne Eichenberger contributed to this notebook by reviewing in particular the collaboration of the foundation he chairs Swiss Philanthropy Foundation […]

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May 2020 | Point du jour by Etienne Eichenberger

Etienne Eichenberger is the guest of “Point du jour”, dedicated today to philanthropy. This episode revealed incredible outbursts of generosity and simple gestures of solidarity, revealing the best of ourselves. We invite you to discover it online. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation thanks for this opportunity to remind the importance and the role of philanthropy […]

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May 2020

SPF Blog on Le Temps | “Support the angels share”

Martial Paris, managing partner at WISE – philanthropy advisors, is a guest of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s blog on the Temps platform. It reflects the realities experienced by NGOs on the ground and the challenges encountered in carrying out their missions with the poorest in these times of pandemic. He urges donors to be flexible and […]

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