Juni 2024

Discover the article on the Demaimpact initiative in the Report on Foundations in Switzerland.

The annual report on foundations in Switzerland provides up-to-date figures, facts and trends at both national and international level. It aims to enrich knowledge in the field of foundations. For its fifteenth edition, the report has highlighted foundations that involve young people in governance and therefore Swiss Philanthropy Foundation! We are delighted to announce that […]

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November 2023

Umfrage über die Grosszügigkeit der Auslandschweizer | Pressespiegel

Unsere Umfrage über die Grosszügigkeit der Auslandschweizer, die wir in Partnerschaft mit der Auslandschweizer-Organisation durchgeführt und beim Institut gfs.bern in Auftrag gegeben haben, hat in der nationalen Presse Beachtung gefunden. Nachstehend finden Sie die Artikel, in denen das Thema erwähnt wird. „Swiss Philanthropy Foundation: Das motiviert Auslandschweizer:innen zu Grosszügigkeit“ in The Philanthropist, 11. Oktober 2023. […]

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November 2023

Institutional Money | Interview mit Sabrina Grassi

Wir sollten die Avantgarde sein, die Pioniere Sabrina Grassi, Geschäftsführerin der Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, wurde vom Journalisten Hans Weitmayr für das österreichische Magazin Institutional Money interviewt. In diesem Interview spricht sie über ihre Rolle bei der Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Sie erläutert ausführlich, wie die Stiftung die Philanthropie von Spenderinnen und Spendern erleichtert, und geht darauf […]

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Oktober 2023

Ticino Welcome | Interview mit Sabrina Grassi

„Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, immer nah an allen Spendern“. Sabrina Grassi, Geschäftsführerin der Swiss Philanthropy Foundation und Präsidentin von SwissFoundations, wurde von Elisa Bortoluzzi Dubach vom schweizerisch-italienischen Magazin Ticino Welcome interviewt. Der Artikel, der am 27. September 2023 erschien, zeichnet insbesondere die Entwicklung und die wichtigsten Momente in der Entwicklung unserer Stiftung nach, die historisch gesehen […]

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August 2023

Alliance Magazine | Interview with Sabrina Grassi and Marc Salzmann

In an interview with British magazine Alliance, Sabrina Grassi, Director General of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, and Marc Salzmann, Head of Partnerships, talk about the umbrella foundation model, as well as the Swiss foundation landscape and trends. New models for philanthropic vehicles are also discussed, such as donor advised funds, collaborative funds and fiscal sponsorship for […]

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Dezember 2022

Bilan | Contribution by Sabrina Grassi : „Switzerland, global hub for ocean philanthropy

In its new supplement dedicated to philanthropy, the magazine Bilan proposes an article entitled „Switzerland, a global hub for ocean philanthropy“. Sabrina Grassi, General Director of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, explains this phenomenon by two factors: the link between glaciers and lakes and the oceans via rivers, and Switzerland’s international role. „The fact that we don’t […]

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November 2022

BSL Magazine | Contribution of Sabrina Grassi : „Philanthropy : new trends and solutions to facilitate access to philanthropy“

In a new article published in the latest edition of BSL Magazine (Banking in Switzerland and Luxembourg), Sabrina Grassi, General Director of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, gives an overview of current developments in philanthropy. These include changes in donor profiles and in the way philanthropists deploy their commitment and the goals they pursue. Secondly, she explains […]

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Oktober 2022

Alliance Magazine | Contribution of Sabrina Grassi : „Collaboration in philanthropy: three projects that illustrate the latest trends“

Alliance Magazine is an international publication dedicated to philanthropy and social investment. Sabrina Grassi, Director General of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, contributed to the online version of the magazine, „Latest from Alliance“. She writes an article on collaboration in philanthropy and three examples of projects hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation that illustrate the latest trends […]

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September 2021

Blog SPF sur la plateforme du Temps | Philanthropie et ‘advocacy’, des liaisons dangereuses ?, Davide Rodogno

“Philanthropie et ‘advocacy’, des liaisons dangereuses ?” Davide Rodogno, invité du Blog de Swiss Philanthropy Foundation sur la plateforme du Le Temps, explore cette question. „Voici le nœud – politique – du problème : quand est-ce que l’activisme politique ou le lobbying dépassent le périmètre accepté (acceptable) et par conséquent rendent caduques les privilèges – […]

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Mai 2021

Special contribution by Sabrina Grassi

The year 2020 was characterised by new challenges and opportunities generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For a better understanding of how an umbrella foundation can provide a quick and agile solution to donors wishing to respond to new emerging needs, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation invites you to read the following article „Swiss foundations‘ response to the […]

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