August 2019

La philanthropie, un concept mal compris, AGEFI, vendredi 26 juillet 2019

Pour la deuxième année consécutive et dans le cadre de la programmation Unlimited du Festival, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation a renouvelé sa collaboration avec la Fondation du Verbier Festival, en organisant la nouvelle édition du Verbier Festival Philanthropy Forum. Retour sur l’événement qui s’est déroulé le samedi 20 et dimanche 21 juillet 2019 à Verbier. Retrouvez […]

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März 2019

Philanthropy: a Geneva success story

Discover the testimony of the President of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Etienne Eichenberger, in the latest 3D ECO programme released on March 12 2019 on Leman Bleu, an opportunity to discuss the latest evolutions in philanthropy and the role and place of Geneva in this development and these opportunities.  

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Februar 2019

Geneva wants to become a global centre for philanthropy, AGEFI, Monday 18 February 2019

The opening of the new Chair in Behavioural Philanthropy at the University of Geneva reflects Geneva’s place and the development of this particular field. Swiss Philanthropry, through its President, welcomed in the columns of AGEFI the new perspectives offered to Geneva as a leading philanthrop   To download the AGEFI article (edition: February 18, 2019), […]

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Januar 2019

For a philanthropy in tune with its time

During this holiday season, Mediaplanet delivered a message of hope through its series of articles entitled “Soyez responsable” by questioning our relationship to giving and generosity with #GiveHope. On this occasion, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation entrusted its vision to the evolution of philanthropy and its practices. Today it is no longer a question of responding only to […]

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November 2018

„French-speaking employers now have access to philanthropy“, PME Magazine, November 2018

How to reconcile the requirements of new generations and entrepreneurs in the field of philanthropy? Combining competence, network and money for a real impact also requires a lightweigh administrative structure. Hosted foundations such as Swiss Philanthropy Foundation appear to be an effective solution, pooling the strengths of philanthropists and improving the impact of donations for […]

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November 2018

« In Switzerland, philanthropy is taught » Le Monde, Wednesday 24 October 2018

The training of professionals in a recognized academic environment offers the new generation a philanthropic ecosystem capable of measuring high-impact actions in line with their new aspirations. In Switzerland, a country with a long tradition of generosity, the development of philanthropy passes through the offer of training in a growing sector as recalled the article […]

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Oktober 2018

„Switzerland is giving more than receiving“, Le Temps, Wednesday 17 October 2018

  On the occasion of the meeting of senior executives of the Transnational Giving Europe Foundations, find in the daily newspaper Le Temps, the interview of the president of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Etienne Eichenberger, who reviews the activities of the Foundation, as an umbrella foundation, but also as the sole representative in Switzerland of the […]

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August 2018

« Verbier agit comme une caisse de résonance, qui permet de raisonner et faire résonner des actions liées à la philanthropie. », L’AGEFI le vendredi 3 août 2018

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation était présente au Festival de Verbier dans l’événement Philanthropy Forum le 21 et 22 juillet 2018 dans le cadre de la programmation off VF Unlimited, en collaboration avec la Fondation du Verbier Festival. Les tables-rondes, modérées par Etienne Eichenberger, ont rassemblé plus de 150 personnes, et ont permis d’aborder les thématiques de […]

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April 2018

„L’investissement philanthropique“: Tribune de Genève, Campagne Focus Finance, avril 2018

In their latest review, “Campagne Focus Finance”, the supplement magazine of the Tribune de Genève, focuses on philanthropy, and more particularly on the alternative of sheltered funds by interviewing Etienne Eichenberger, Chair of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. If the foundation sector is in full swing with the creation of a foundation every day in Switzerland, half […]

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Februar 2018

Philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

This Guide is an overview of the Swiss legal framework around the different forms of existing non-profit entities. It aims to help philanthropists choose the right legal structure for their projects. The various options for creating, for example, a charity or social enterprise, as well as important strategic considerations, are described and clarified. It is […]

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