19 Oktober 2022 | Presse,

Alliance Magazine | Contribution of Sabrina Grassi : „Collaboration in philanthropy: three projects that illustrate the latest trends“

Alliance Magazine is an international publication dedicated to philanthropy and social investment.

Sabrina Grassi, Director General of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, contributed to the online version of the magazine, „Latest from Alliance“. She writes an article on collaboration in philanthropy and three examples of projects hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation that illustrate the latest trends in the field, as well as the great impact these projects can have through collaboration.

The Partners for a New Economy (P4NE) fund, which aims to sustainably transform our economy so that we can continue to live on a planet with limited resources, is a good example of foundations joining forces to leverage their respective skills to support systemic change. The Safe and Sound Cities program, which aims to improve the safety and well-being of young people in urban environments, shows how a collaboration between a donor foundation (Botnar Foundation), a host foundation (Swiss Philanthropy Foundation), and a project foundation (GIB Foundation) allows skills complementarity combined with the right focus on the content, strategic and operational aspects of the program. Finally, the Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund, where 16 donors (philanthropists and foundations) joined forces with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, was able to provide unrestricted short-term grants to help 20 NGO partners in 8 countries overcome sudden hardship and provide emergency assistance to their beneficiaries during a 6-month transition period.

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