20 November 2023 | Press,

Institutional Money | Interview with Sabrina Grassi

We should be the avant-garde, the pioneers

Sabrina Grassi, Executive Director of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, was interviewed by journalist Hans Weitmayr for the Austrian magazine Institutional Money. In this interview, she discusses her role at the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. She details how the Foundation facilitates philanthropy from donors, and looks back at how the Foundation responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in collaboration with WHO and the United Nations Foundation.

Sabrina Grassi also shares her views on her presidency of SwissFoundations, highlighting its role as a catalyst. She also discusses the Swiss foundation landscape, highlighting the growth of the sector and the challenges facing small foundations. She concludes by highlighting the unique role of foundations as “avant-garde” and “pioneers”, able to take bold risks to support research projects and social initiatives that might not be viable for other players, whether public or private.

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