11 Juni 2020 | News,

“Campaign to Stop Killer Robots” wins the Ypres Peace Prize 2020

The City Council of Ypres in Belgium announced this week the winner of its 2020 Peace Prize and awarded the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”.

A symbolic distinction for the campaign, which has been working since 2012 to ban the production and use of autonomous lethal weapon systems (“Killer Robots”), by increasing actions to inform and raise awareness of governments and public opinion about the dangers involved.

Since 2017, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been supporting this international coalition through one of its sheltered funds, which today brings together a circle of 20 donors who are personally and financially committed to this campaign.

Coordinated by Mines Action Canada in collaboration with Human Right Watch, the campaign now represents an international coalition of 160 non-governmental organizations from 66 countries.

Official press release of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Announcement of the city of Ypres (Flemish)