01 Oktober 2021 | News,

Intervention of Sabrina Grassi on the occasion of the “Biennale Filantropia Strategica”

On September 30th, 2021, the first edition of the “Biennale Filantropia Strategica” took place in Lugano. This conference, organized by the Center of Competence for the Non-Profit Sector of the Italian-speaking Switzerland (CENPRO), showed the will of the Authorities and the private philanthropic actors to develop and professionalize philanthropy in the Italian-speaking Switzerland. Indeed, the latter counts more than 800 public utility foundations, demonstrating that Italian-speaking Switzerland must be integrated into the national dynamics of the sector. The aim was also to encourage the exchange of knowledge and networking between intermediaries and members of non-profit organizations.

The conference was also an opportunity to communicate good practices in the sector, especially in terms of governance, as well as future trends and challenges.
Sabrina Grassi, Director General of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, shared her experience on the umbrella foundation model.

The day was punctuated by interactive workshops to encourage exchanges and networking opportunities. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences during workshops led by actors of the Swiss philanthropic panorama.

To find the program : www.cenpro.ch/biennale