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Success for the 2018 Philanthropy Forum of Verbier

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation took part in the Festival of Verbier during the 2018 Philanthropy Forum event on the 21st and 22nd July, as part of the Unlimited programme, in collaboration with the Verbier Festival Foundation.

The Round Tables, moderated by Etienne Eichenberger, gathered more than 200 people, while the themes of education and transmission were approached under the prism of music and philanthropy.

How can music be a promise of future for the youth?

If Emmanuel Kant said about the music that it is „the language of emotion“, its teaching became these last years more and more an educational tool aimed to facilitate the awakening and the development, stimulating the emotional and rational part of the brain.

Among the speakers of the 21 July 2018 first Round Table: Jorge Viladoms, founder of the Foundation Crescendo con la Musica, which helps young people from disadvantaged areas in Mexico by introducing music into compulsory education. The Vareille foundation, represented by its founder Hélène Vareille, also works to make music more accessible for the youngest ones by the implementation of the initiative „a violin in my school“ in association with the canton of Valais. Michel Beytrison, head of the elementary school division in Valais, has confirmed the success of this project, explaining that communication and trust were the key in the setting up of this collaboration

Vincent Faber, Executive Director of Trafigura Foundation, whose activities support amongst others cultural and educational projects, explains that it is proved that the practice of a musical instrument “ improves the capacities of learning of the young children and develops their social and collaborative skills „.

Transmission, music & philanthropy

The second Round Table of 22nd July was dedicated to challenges and opportunities encountered by young successors about the transmission – or not – of knowledge and values from elder generations.

Marina Mahler shared her testimony as daughter of the composer Gustav Mahler, on the role of music in her life and the way she works today to pass on what she received. By her side, Peter Vogel, Debiopharm Chair of Family Philanthropy – IMD, explained that we perceive a change of paradigm in the professional sphere today, with businesses leaders who develop an approach different from their elders, particularly about emotional intelligence, where arts and music find their places.

« La musique fait partie de l’éducation, on ne peut pas rêver la transmettre mais faire de l’héritage du passé l’objet d’un débat » Frère Samuel, Philosophe

Strengthened by this first edition, the Philanthropy Forum Initiative, in collaboration with the Verbier Festival, will be renewed in 2019 and 2020.

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© Crédit photographie : Nicolas-Brodard, Verbier Festival