29 Juni 2022 | News,

Lecture in the Advocacy in International Affairs program – IHEID

On Wednesday, June 29, Lucile Bula, Head of Operations at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, gave a lecture on philanthropy and its advocacy issues as part of the “Advocacy in International Affairs” program at IHEID. This included an explanation of what philanthropy is, as well as the trends we are observing at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and how these involve advocacy.

One of the trends we have observed is the emergence of more and more collaborations within the Foundation as donors want to change a system that is not working in the face of global challenges. In this context, advocacy actions are essential to mobilize both the public and politicians for the evolution of the system towards a better world.

Etienne Eichenberger, Managing Partner of WISE – philanthropy advisors, then answered questions from participants on philanthropy and its role today.

This session was followed by a session on advocacy issues on the fundraising side. Cristina Davies and Alvaro Cosi from Switzerland for UNHCR spoke from their own experience.

Thanks to Professor Davide Rodogno for his invitation and to the participants for their interest.