22 März 2024 | News,

Video testimony: the Donor advised fund

Discover the testimony of a couple of donors who decided to open a Donor advised fund at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the Give It Forward Trust. Addressing their vision of philanthropy and the motivations for their daily commitment, but also the reasons which encouraged them to choose a sheltering foundation. They explain why Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is the right partner to complementarily support them in their project.

We express our gratitude to Sophie and Roman Pelka for their sincere testimony and their trust.

To learn more about our Donor advised funds and how you can plan for your long-term impact, visit our dedicated page.

The procedure for opening funds is ultimately very simple. It took a short time and did not require a complicated administrative process. Between the moment we said “Here we go!” and the time when we had the “Give It Forward Trust” that was created, it was six weeks, so it’s quick.