15 April 2020 | News,

Verbier Festival Emergency Relief Fund

Long-time partner of Swiss Philanhropy Foundation, the Verbier Festival announces the creation of a new fund to provide emergency relief to unemployed Verbier Festival Academy alumni — solo, chamber and orchestral instrumentalists, singers, conductors — and alumni Festival production and technical crew facing lost income because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The current global health crisis is having a severe impact on the world of arts and culture. Performances and productions have been cancelled, causing many artists and creative workers to lose economic and social stability. Spearheaded by the Festival’s Founder & Director Martin T:son Engstroem, the Verbier Festival Emergency Relief Fund has been formed by a group of generous patrons expressing concern for the well-being of these Academy musicians and those who work behind the scenes at the Festival.

Held and administrated by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the Verbier Festival Relief Fund is the 60th fund sheltered by the foundation since ist creation.

Learn more about the Verbier Festival Emergency Relief Fund here

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and the Verbier Festival, a long-time partnership in promoting philanthropy