11 October 2021 | News,

Sustainable Finance: Swiss Philanthropy Foundation’s presence at the Alternative Bank Switzerland’s Webinar and at the 12th edition of the GFSI

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation participated in the webinar “Investing while creating impact”, organized by the Alternative Bank Switzerland on September 22nd, 2021. With impact as its central theme, the event was an opportunity to discuss how to generate impact through donations, but also through responsible financial investment and how foundations can align their investments with their philanthropic mission.

Alongside Olivier Schott (Alternative Bank Switzerland) and Laetitia Gill (Geneva Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Geneva), Sabrina Grassi, Director General of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, was able to testify to the importance of impact and effective philanthropy for an umbrella foundation, by presenting the commitments made by the Foundation and the donors of the hosted funds in terms of impact, through the projects supported and responsible investments. “As a charitable foundation, we live impact on a daily basis by providing financial resources to achieve a positive outcome”.

As a founding member of Sustainable Finance Geneva and a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation supports sustainable finance, and is sensitive to the issue of “Mission Related Investment”. Thus and since the end of 2018, 70% of SPF’s assets are invested with ESG criteria. In addition, SPF has adopted a “Financial Management Charter” which establishes a good governance framework for the financial management of its assets.

To view the “Investing for Impact” webinar in its entirety: www.bas.ch/webinaire

Still on the subject of sustainable finance, the following day was held the 12th edition of the “Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment”, in Geneva, in which Laurent Hostettler, Director of Finance and Administration of the Foundation, took part. This year’s theme of this major annual meeting of sustainable finance was “Impact Goal – SDGs: at the heart of investors’ concerns”. The Forum was an opportunity to highlight the actors in the responsible financial sector and to present the most innovative solutions for meeting the crucial challenges of our economies in transition.