06 February 2023 | News,

Workshops on our values: final session

We welcomed Séverine Felley to our offices for a final workshop on the values defined in our 2022-2025 strategic plan: Integrity, Independence, Simplicity and Innovation.

After a review of how we have already started to translate these values into behaviours since our last workshop in October, the aim was to determine in concrete terms how we will put them into action in our work: What question(s) should we ask ourselves when making a decision in order to be in line with our values, what visual support(s) should we use to keep our values-related behaviours in mind, and finally, how do we determine who, within the team, will be the “ambassadors” of our values, in what form and for how long?

With all these tools in hand, we are now ready to apply these values in our daily work, to support the philanthropic initiatives of our donors!

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