11 October 2023 | News,

“Demaimpact” collaborative initiative: call for participants

The Demaimpact collaborative fund (formerly known as Ensemble et Maintenant), launched by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation alongside three other foundations, enables young people from all backgrounds and walks of life to get involved in philanthropy by selecting projects carried out by and for young people. A real laboratory, the project aims to involve young people from the very outset of the donation criteria process.

During the first year of this initiative, a group of 10 young people selected and supported 4 projects in French-speaking Switzerland. Today, a call for applications has been launched to form a new group of young people and begin the second year of activity of this fund.

The aim of this call for applications is to select 10 young people aged between 18 and 30, living in French-speaking Switzerland and motivated to build a better world. The resulting team will be accompanied by experts from philanthropy consultancy WISE Philanthropy Advisors at various workshops. Interested parties can submit their applications on demaimpact.ch until midnight on November 12, 2023.

Like the first team, the second team of young people will have a budget that they can allocate to causes they define as important to young people today. A new team will be formed the following year to give other young people the opportunity to take part in the experience and support other projects in their turn. All in all, this initiative offers 3 different batches over 3 years the opportunity to try out the experiment.

Participants will have the opportunity to get together for co-creation sessions, exchange ideas on the notion of philanthropy and put in place tools to enable them to select the philanthropic projects they wish to support. Their activities will be shared regularly on social networks.

Find out more on the initiative’s dedicated website: demaimpact.ch.