10 January 2024 | News,

Video testimonial: the philanthropic testamentary fund

Discover the inspiring testimony of a donor who chose to make his philanthropic commitment permanent by opening a testamentary philanthropic fund with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

In this video, he shares his vision of philanthropy, the motivations that led him to opt for the testamentary philanthropic fund solution, and why Swiss Philanthropy Foundation was the ideal partner to realize his end-of-life concept, in harmony with his personal values and convictions.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Bonjour for his sincere testimony and trust.

To find out more about our testamentary funds and how you can plan your long-term impact, visit our dedicated page.

This notion of a hosted fund is what was still missing from the balance of my end-of-life concept. As long as I’m alive, I can do what I want with the capital. I can give personalized instructions that will be respected by the management of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. We’ve found the right way with the right idea.