15 August 2017 | News,

Second White Paper for Sustainable Finance Geneva

As a partner of Sustainable Finance Geneva, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation contributed to writing content in think-tank workshops and supported the publication of the book “Le monde change, la finance innove”, which discusses a number of philanthropic issues in terms of sustainability and financial innovation.

For example, new strategies are emerging in the world of foundations, in the way of managing their capitals and financing projects. This is borne out by the Mission Related Investments (MRI), which consists for a foundation in investing its capital in relation to its missions and goals, “to avoid conflicting situations and multiply the positive impact”. This is the case of the Heron Foundation, which invested half of its fortune in impact investments consistent with its vision.

Another example is the Partners for a New Economy collaborative fund, sheltered by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. This unprecedented structure brings together the strengths of the Oak, MAVA, Marisla and KR foundations “to finance a transition toward more sustainable and inclusive economic and financial models. This collaborative mode of operation makes it possible to have a leverage effect on the impact by pooling resources and expertise “.

These two examples illustrate significant developments in terms of sustainable finance. Indeed, until now the attention of foundations was focused on donations and projects, today these organizations significantly seek more impact and alignment with their goals and visions.

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