07 February 2018 | News, Press,

Philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

This Guide is an overview of the Swiss legal framework around the different forms of existing non-profit entities. It aims to help philanthropists choose the right legal structure for their projects. The various options for creating, for example, a charity or social enterprise, as well as important strategic considerations, are described and clarified.
It is in this context that the umbrella foundation Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is presented,to facilitate philanthropic projects for donors, by proposing the hosted fund solution, an alternative to the creation of one’s own foundation.

In fact, the hosting foundation administers and manages the sheltered fund (accounting and administration), thus allowing the philanthropists to devote themselves fully to their project and to get involved on topics that are dear to them.

Historically, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has hosted 40 funds. While some philanthropists prefer to be discreet, others have the intention of communicating.
This is the case of the “ella fund”, created in 2016, whose goal is to promote the empowerment of women and girls around the world, by improving their access to education, health care and entrepreneurship.

To learn more about Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and to discover”ella fund“, download the Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship Guide 2017.

This guide has been published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the law firms Froriep and sigma legal.