12 August 2020 | News,

Sabrina Grassi intervention during the Swiss Study Foundation’s Summer Academy

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation participated in the 14th edition of the Summer Academy « Le Tableau de la Suisse » organized by the Swiss Study Foundation,  from August 2 to 9, 2020. Entitled “The picture of Switzerland, What is civil society really doing? “, This seminar was devoted to the different forms of engagement in favor of the general interest. Whether individual or collective, the central question was to know what place and meaning do we give to engagement today and how does it manifest itself?

Philanthropy is one of the ways to tackle this vast question, since it already represents in itself a form of commitment in favor of the general interest, as confirmed by Sabrina Grassi, General Director of  Swiss Philanthropy Foundation during her speech in plenary, on the theme of: “Philanthropy as a form of commitment”.

The opportunity to provide an overview of existing philanthropic practices in Switzerland and abroad, but also to discuss the role of foundations and to know the different means of giving today. In particular, through the sheltered fund model, which allows donors to support causes close to their hearts, while freeing themselves from the administrative burden within a framework of good governance, within an established structure.

Photo credits : Dario Siegen, Adrian Tanner.