05 May 2021 | News, Press,

SPF blog on “Le Temps” plateform | “Culture: What if we valued better the impalpable?”, Câline Yamakawa

“Culture: What if we valued better the impalpable?”

Câline Yamakawa, guest of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation Blog on the “Le Temps” platform, explores this question.

“We need more, we need elevation of the soul in the intellectual sense, we need solidarity, mutual aid and human warmth.”

Inspired both by her daily life as Director of Operations of the Verbier Festival and the wife of a Conductor, the author deconstructs the meaning and the place given to culture disrupted by the arrival of the coronavirus. In particular, Câline Yamakawa shares with us several reflections on certain important aspects that will arise in a post-COVID context.

We invite you to discover the article in its entirety on Le Temps website “Il donne, tu donne, je donne…” and warmly thank Câline Yamakawa for her precious and meaningful contribution to this collaboration.