08 May 2024 | News,

Inspiring solutions to a world in crisis

In a world where crises multiply, intensify and overlap, philanthropy makes relevant action possible, even on an individual scale, to contribute and begin to make a difference.

This is why Swiss Philanthropy Foundation decided to organize on April 15, 2024, in front of an audience of 300 people, an event entitled “Inspiring solutions for a world in crises”.

Four inspiring panels bringing together philanthropists, foundation representatives and committed initiative leaders showed that simple, practical and concrete solutions, also shared by several people, exist to provide answers to the many challenges that surround us.

“Make way for Young People? », “Doing together”, “The need to give it all” and “The urge to tackle global challenges”: whether by putting the beneficiaries at the center, by co-financing projects together for leverage, by acting here and now or by collaborating with actors in the ecosystem and civil society.

Discover the dedicated page on our site and find the video capsule with the testimonies of some of the speakers of the evening, the complete recording and the contributions on the world in crises from our Blog on Time (2020-2023).