10 January 2018 | News, Press,

“Philanthropy: the attractiveness of sheltered funds” Market magazine

In their latest review, Market magazine focuses on philanthropy, and more particularly on the alternative of sheltered funds by interviewing Etienne Eichenberger and Xavier Isaac, respectively Chairman and Treasurer of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

If the foundation sector is in full swing with the creation of a foundation every day in Switzerland, half of them will be dissolved during the same year. Indeed, the daily administration of a foundation is a project that requires resources, time and energy, often underestimated today.

It is in this context that the umbrella foundation finds its place , with the development of the sheltered fund model, which represents for a donor an alternative to the creation of its own foundation allowing them to engage with causes they hold dear, while avoiding the administrative burden involved in running a foundation.
This model echoes the successful practices of our everyday life, where use takes precedence over property, such as car-sharing initiatives like Mobility in Switzerland. A light is thus given on the evolution and professionalization of the philanthropy sector.

To find out more, download Market’s article.