29 October 2020 | News,

Rapid Support Fund | Impact : Feedback on actions carried out by a beneficiary organization in Cambodia.

The COVID-19 Rapid Support Fund, created by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation in the spring of 2020, helps NGOs whose activities have been impacted by the pandemic. Thanks to the strong mobilization of donors and a “matching funds” mechanism by SPF, a fund of CHF 690’000.- was raised in record time, in order to rapidly support organizations in several countries of the world, allowing to cover the salaries of their teams and to come to the aid of disadvantaged and precarious communities by the crisis.

M’lop Tapang is one of the organizations receiving the fund. Created in 2003 in Cambodia, this local NGO is based in Sihanoukville and helps children and their families in a very precarious situation.
Heavily impacted by the pandemic, the organization received support of USD 60,000 through the Rapid Support Fund, in partnership with the GHR foundation in the United States.
To measure the concrete impact this support represents for organizations and their communities, our partner WISE philanthropy advisors ensures regular contact and follow-up.

M’lop Tapang recently submitted a report on the use of funds which included a study of 150 families (734 individuals).
-for 68% of these families, this assistance enabled them not to sink further into poverty by going into debt with third parties to buy food.
-for 64% of these families, this aid made it possible to feed their children every day
In addition, food kits have been delivered to more than 1,000 families.

The fund is now closed, but if you would like more information, we invite you to consult the following links:

Important reminder: The organizations receiving this fund meet the following criteria as approved by the Foundation Board:
These are exclusively organizations that benefit or have in the past benefited from SPF’s support through its thematic funds. SPF unfortunately cannot enter into the matter for other funding requests and will not respond to other requests.