07 March 2022 | News,

Launch of the donor collaborative Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund donor collaborative established by Oak Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and Porticus. In the process of joining are The Human Safety Net and The Two Lillies Fund.  Hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the fund aims to support early childhood development by providing funding that empowers the important work of early childhood regional networks.

In addition, the Fund aims to strengthen regional network coordination and interaction so that they can respond to the needs of their members and the wider sector in their regions, especially through capacity building, knowledge building, sharing good practice, advocacy and building resilience, on Early Childhood Development themes that networks consider most relevant and choose to prioritise.

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been selected as the host organisation for the Fund to manage its administration and to ensure a framework of good governance for the allocation and monitoring of donations.

As part of the launch of the Fund, a position of Fund Director is being opened, employed by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation on behalf of the Fund. More information and job description on the Fund’s website.