28 June 2022 | News,

CIFE Master Class

Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola and Laurent Douek, Board members of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, had the pleasure to deliver the 4th edition of their master class at the Joint Master Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs (GEGPA) and EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy (EUDIPLO) of CIFE-Centre international de formation européenne international de formation européenne and Luiss School of Government in Nice on June 27-28.

They had the opportunity to share their experiences on new trends & innovations in philanthropy, governance challenges, mission related and sustainable investments within foundations. They invited Miren A. Bengoa Director of Chaîne du Bonheur and former Executive Director at Fondation Chanel and Marc Salzmann, Project administrator at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, to enrich the conversation around the broad ecosystem of modern philanthropy and new ways of giving.

A big thank you to Arnaud Leconte Director of the Master, for welcoming Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola and Laurent Douek warmly every year and to the students for their interactions and for enlightening us on aspirations and causes of the younger generation.

Read CIFE’s interview with Anne-Cathrine Frogg, Laurent Douek and Marc Salzmann about “Philanthropy and Sustainability”