10 October 2022 | News,

Sustainable Finance: The Foundation attends the Building Bridges 2022 Summit and the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment (GFSI)

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation had the pleasure of attending the Building Bridges Summit on October 3 and 4. On this occasion, Marc Salzmann, Project Administrator at the Foundation, attended very rich exchanges on concrete topics of sustainable finance, oriented towards solutions with collaborative potential and capable of being deployed at large scale.

More concretely, many of the presentations insisted on the fact that the net international financial flow is out of balance because it is moving from the South to the North, whereas it is precisely the Southern Hemisphere that needs it the most. The difficulties of developing large-scale sustainable finance solutions were also discussed, as well as the importance of the measurability of each commitment made by a company. The notion of “just transition” was also at the heart of the discussions to ensure that the transition to a greener economy is accompanied by measures that can support social inclusion and mobility. Finally, the crucial role of public policy and philanthropy in reducing risk in this area was highlighted to encourage more private investors to enter the sustainable finance loop.

The Foundation was also present at the Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment (GFSI), where Laurent Hostettler, interim CFO, had the opportunity to attend conferences on sustainable investments. More specifically, most of the reflections at this edition of the GFSI focused on the question of whether the skepticism towards sustainable finance is justified or exaggerated, and tried to provide some answers. Indeed, the implementation of ESG criteria within companies is easy, but it is more complicated to measure their real impact. The GFSI is also an opportunity to meet many actors in the region active in sustainable finance.

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation has been committed to sustainable finance for several years. The Foundation is a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Finance Geneva. In addition, our donors are increasingly concerned about the sustainable management and investment of their funds. This is why over 80% of our assets are invested according to ESG criteria. Our internal financial management charter formalizes and promotes a financial policy based on sustainability and impact criteria.