15 June 2023 | News,

Discover our 2022 Overview !

At a time when we have been enthusiastically implementing our new strategic plan for several months now, we are publishing our Overview of 2022.

Year after year, we observe the constantly increasing generosity of the donors who put their trust in us. In 2022, the Foundation distributed CHF 37 million in grants to 500 beneficiary organisations and set up 10 new funds. A third of this funding went to the environment and sustainability, signalling the importance of acting now to protect our ecosystems, namely in the face of climate change.

During the year, 3 new positions were created, in line with our development. Every day, our highly committed team of 12 (as at the end of 2022) brings to life our 4 values: integrity, simplicity, independence, and innovation. This recently added fourth value articulates the entrepreneurial spirit to which the Foundation aspires in an ever more complex and fast- moving world.

This mindset will enable us to not only seize but also generate opportunities and philanthropic initiatives. Our new collaborative fund by and for youth, bringing together three foundations, including SPF, is just one example. It features an innovative governance In a few words model that puts a group of 10 young people in charge of allocating grants to youth-focused projects in Switzerland.

In addition to encouraging young people to engage with philanthropy and explore new ways of giving, this year we developed our legacy funds, aimed at philanthropists who wish to give “after”. These funds mmeet a real need and ensure that donors’ generosity has a lasting impact beyond their lifetime.

Lastly, some collaborations came to an end in 2022, such as our blog on the website of Le Temps, Il donne, tu donnes, je donne, which attracted around 50,000 mvisitors over four years. We look forward to surprising you with a new medium in 2023. Thank you for your support, and happy reading!

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